Machine Learning for Funds

Artificial Intelligence for smarter investment decisions and building unprecedented value

Models driven by Alternate Data and Deal Data

The Real Alpha in your investments is not in the Data, but in the Data Science. We provide the users access to state of the art machine learning techniques specifically designed for private capital providers.

Who is Going to Win?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can bring new breadth to your Analysts’ fundamental research in deal sourcing. Our models feed into your fundamental research and aim to enhance your understanding of economy-wide, sector-wide and company fundamentals so that you are better able to pick out who is going to win in the marketplace.

Gain Perspective and Fill the Gaps

With our models you can identify deals, gather data about those deals such as traditional fundamental metrics and ratios, and use alternate data to gain an entirely new perspective. We help you to fill the gaps that companies leave in their standard reporting, and enrich your team’s dataset on a company or sector. You can identify risks that are not discounted before those risks exert their impact.

Decision Making Pre-Deal and Post-Deal

Combining private equity and alternative investment funds industry experience with data science expertise, we enhance investment decision-making for both – pre-deal analysis and post-deal value maximization.

Maximize Portfolio Company Value

Our models employ sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, with powerful visualizations. You can find investment opportunities, dig deeper into the deals, and maximize portfolio company value.

Big Data Advantage

Get the Big data advantage by leveraging traditional financial data & alternate sources of structured and unstructured data.
Deal Matching in Days
High speed data harvesting and analytics to help you find deals matching your criteria in the matter of a few days rather than weeks or months.
Never Miss Insights
Extensive coverage of your internal and public data sources. Our models are able to look for insights that humans could miss, ensuring increased deal discovery volumes.
Prioritized Deal Conversions
High quality deal matching for prioritizing targeted investments and getting higher conversion rates. Analyze data & test investment hypotheses quickly with speed and accuracy over your traditional approaches.
Uncover Trends with Confidence
Uncover trends and signals in disconnected data sets with confidence, through proprietary models, dashboards and interactive visualization. Make faster decisions at each stage of the investment life cycle through predictive tools.

Monitor emerging risk, minimize exposure and recognize events

We suggest entirely new avenues for bottom-up research, or risks that may be hidden to the Analyst’s eyes.
Our models often pick up something at the macro level that might be missed by the Analysts, receiving inputs from fundamental metrics and ratios, and then we corroborate the signals to provide deeper insight into individual companies.
Define the match criteria, and identify what are the good or bad matches, based on the desired criteria, our models can identify what features to use when scoring and ranking your results. With target companies identified, we structure and transform the most relevant company data, calculate the scores and do the ranking of all the results.
Our big data engine parses through external data sources, web sites, APIs, third party databases, digital footprint and social media to find deals that match your criteria. Through an iterative process, we refine the results based on your preferences. The purpose is to improve the quality of matched deals and get a higher conversion rate.
Find signals and investments through News and Social. Mine newsfeeds and social media feeds into information, identify opportunities, map critical market moves, and isolate investment themes. Enrich data from the deal prospects and portfolio companies to get an extra analytical edge.
Data Driven Investments for Private Equity and Hedge Funds
Improve your deal discovery and sourcing. Identify risks or opportunities early, and generate alpha for your institutional or private clients.
Digital Transformation for Alternative Investment Funds
Dramatically improve investment outcomes and risk management through digital transformation. It’s not just the driver of efficiency, but at the fundamental level its innovation and disruption.

Data science is a new tool in investment research, and not a replacement. You need to ask the right questions to generate research hypotheses, most relevant to your investment objectives, but within the scope of data science and provided datasets. We help you to pick the next winners in a particular sector before anyone else was aware they exist; and we can identify the threats to incumbent businesses before they made their impact.