Digital Transformation with Data Science

Smarter decisions, lower costs and high value creation with machine learning and digital transformation at the core​
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    Sustainable Innovation through Deep Analytics and AI

    Electric vehicles’ growing adoption needs scalable deployment of EV charging stations with energy management systems that can handle renewable electricity generation, battery storage, and grid integration. For designing and operating efficient charging systems, machine learning models can learn from a number of variables related to demand response, charging profile, load forecasting and weather data resulting in decision making that can lead to balanced power grids and best customer experience.

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    Electric vehicles energy efficiency, higher capacity utilization of EV charging infrastructure, charging or discharging schedule of zero emission vehicles, lower maintenance costs, and regenerative braking system optmization can be realized through machine learning models, artificial intelligence techniques, and data analytics. Our predictive models are built on battery health data, engine telemetry, contextual data like weather conditions, traffic, road quality, and driver’s behavior.

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    Fuel cell performance, cost reduction in materials & coatings, reduced defects in high-volume manufacturing of cells & stacks, and fuel cell system durability using machine learning models and artificial intelligence techniques. We support most widely used Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) with various bio-fuels including green hydrogen or blue hydrogen, green ammonia, bio-methanol, bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, or fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal gasification.

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    Reduce carbon emissions and reach your climate change goals faster through Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. Increase costing feasibility and maximise return on investments on your renewable applications in industrial plants, green hydrogen production, electric mobility, charging infrastructure, utilities, and carbon neutral buildings. As compared to fossil fuels make renewables cost competitive faster and within defined timelines.
    Private Equity & Hedge Funds

    Discover your next investment target through Artificial Intelligence. Dramatically improve investment outcomes, get higher IRRs and manage risk through machine learning & digital transformation.

    Food Processing & Commodities

    Predict global, national & regional trends with Artificial Intelligence in dynamically shifting commodities landscape. Digital transformation of food businesses through big data pipelines from sensors, satellites, UAVs, supply chains, warehouse conditions.

    Pharmaceutical and Medicine
    Deliver affordable healthcare and personalised patient solutions at massive scale. Leverage artificial intelligence for clinical trials, patient care, insurance, medical devices and digital transformation of health systems.
    Logistics & Supply Chain
    Get smarter and efficient logistics through AI based predictive models for critical alerts across warehouse, distribution, transportation. Reduce costs & boost productivity in processing, tracking & tracing of supply chain documents.

    Business growth, with shorter time-to-market and reduced cost of ownership

    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology can help you innovate and stay ahead of your competition by growing the business across all business lines, reduce risk, generate better return on investment, and have higher profitability. With big-data trained models you can do better targeting of your customers; utilize capital more efficiently; get higher leverage and stay compliant with the regulations; penetrate into untapped markets; increase the lifetime value of your customer; and provide better support at a reduced cost.

    We help you accelerate your model development, model training, testing, and evaluation. Backed by experienced data scientists and wealth of industry experience, we can seamlessly integrate and deploy the models within your business processes.

    We are your partners in a successful digital transformation journey, and we help you create value, build inclusive strategies through a scalable big data infrastructure. Through a combination of best-of-breed analytics & data engineering professional services, our domain experts provide solutions that align with your growth strategies. We provide highly skilled data scientists, machine learning, big data analytics, data engineering and cloud based data infrastructure.

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    Ideate. Build. Train. Deploy. Transform

    Machine Learning
    Our models can look for insights that humans could miss, and understand the relationships hidden in your data, ensuring increased profitability, reduced costs, and higher operational efficiencies, through an extensive coverage of your internal and public data sources.
    Digital Transformation
    The process of collecting, aggregating, structuring, conditioning, safeguarding and using large amounts of data is complex. We help you with digital transformation & data management capabilities.

    Get Competitive Edge & High Return on Investment Powered by Data Science

    Deep knowledge and experts in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering.

    • Machine Learning
    • Computer Vision
    • Edge AI for Smart Devices and Machinery
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Data Visualization
    • Big Data Engineering
    • Open API
    • Cloud Technologies
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Natural Language Processing
    • DataOps, MLOps, and DevOps
    • Blockchain and Decentralized Ledger Technologies

    Why choose us

    Trusted partner since 1997

    Our Clients have trusted Netsity since 1997 for bringing their innovative ideas into disruptive reality. We are a full stack software development company, focussed on machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data infrastructure and digital transformation, with hundreds of successful case studies across the globe, a hands-on leadership team, and highly committed project teams.

    Quality tested, secure data operations and high accuracy models

    Our data operations are driven by best practices and time-tested methodologies. Quality assurance, building models with high accuracy, and a secure big data stack does not happen by chance at Netsity. It’s a result of passionate data engineering teams, backed by experienced data architects and seasoned dataops managers. With hundreds of satisfied clients globally, and an impeccable track record, we ensure we deliver your projects on-time and on-budget.

    Center-of-excellence with data scientists and industry experts

    We are headquartered in New Delhi, India, with a dedicated 10,000 sq.ft. of bigdata center-of-excellence, and global representative offices in the UK, USA, Europe, and Far-East. Our team of industry experts, senior data scientists, data engineers offer you flexible and configurable solutions that empower your sales, marketing, underwriting, risk, investment, operations, compliance and customer support departments.

    Our commitment to Quality Assurance is inherent in our business practices and project execution processes. Netsity has a Quality Management System that has been audited and certified as per ISO9001:2008 norms.



    Avnish Gupta

    Avnish is an experienced technical architect, building scalable and secure data infrastructure, and accelerating data-driven growth for businesses. He co-founded Netsity in 1997 and has helped many startups and established businesses develop data frameworks, technical design and architecture. His razor sharp focus is on aligning project outcomes with client’s business goals, product roadmaps, their funding targets, top line growth, high profitability and strategic initiatives.

    He has successfully architected, managed, and executed data science and analytics projects by bringing in his extensive knowledge with machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, big data, and data engineering.

    Avnish holds Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Pune University (B.E. batch of 1993).

    Avnish Gupta, Co-Founder of Netsity
    damanjit singh


    Damanjit Singh

    Daman is a digital transformation leader with experience in investments, finance & banking industry. He has led cross-disciplinary and cross-functional teams across the US, Singapore and India with a focus on key digital initiatives resulting in multi-million dollar savings through automation, analytics and process optimization. Daman has proven experience in developing technology roadmaps and cultivating innovative technology solutions, for building large, robust, multi-tier, integrated systems.

    Daman holds Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Pune University (B.E. batch of 1993).

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Rajnish Gupta

    Rajnish is responsible for products, partnerships, alliances and revenue growth at Netsity. He has extensive experience in the hedge funds industry, lending business, SME & retail credit, supply chain management with bulk buyers of agriculture commodities, microfinance and value chain financing with farmer groups and collectors. He co-founded Netsity in 1997 and has also spent the last 10 years helping the funds industry scale up their operations, streamline middle office functions, have robust risk management frameworks, and meet regulatory compliance requirements as per various fund regimes in Europe.

    He has helped many startups and businesses with growth oriented business models, defining the use-cases as per the gaps in the market, identifying the winning opportunities and finding product-market fit.

    Rajnish holds Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA (ICFAI, 1997) and MMS in Finance (1996), alongwith Bachelor of Science degree with major in Computers (1994).

    Rajnish Gupta, CFA, Co-Founder of Netsity
    Geeta Gupta, Co-Founder of Netsity

    Head of Data Science

    Geeta Gupta

    Geeta heads the data science innovation division at Netsity, where she identifies the machine learning models, statistical learning techniques, research hypotheses to be tested, and mapping them to the real world business problems that need to be solved. She has a solid understanding of internal workings of artificial intelligence models, underlying assumptions, mathematical algorithms, relevant datasets and model fitting, classification techniques, and model building for both supervised and unsupervised problem statements.

    She co-founded Netsity in 1997 and has helped many businesses with their data-driven decision making process. She is very much hands-on with modeling and analytics and works closely with data scientists, data engineering & digital transformation teams at Netsity.

    Geeta holds Masters of Computer Applications (MCA, 1997) and BSc Computers degree (1994).

    Head of Compliance

    Neeraj Agrawaal, CA

    Neeraj is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive Compliance and Regulatory strategy at Netsity. His focus within Netsity is to work closely with our funds clients and analyse legal or structural issues, compliance framework, regulatory reporting, and risk management.

    Neeraj is a seasoned Chartered Accountant and he has experience of more than 20 years in advising clients on cross-border taxation issues, structured finance, corporate restructuring, asset financing, equity and debt offerings. He is a subject matter expert on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) matters.

    Neeraj Agrawaal, Head of Compliance at Netsity
    Rajnish Paul, Head of Devops at Netsity

    Head of Devops

    Rajnish Paul

    Paul has over 20 years of experience in project management handling major accounts in the financial services sector, telecom, healthcare, high growth startups and product companies in the US and UK. He manages Devops at Netsity across the full digital transformation lifecycle, Application development, Code, Build, Test, Package, Release, Configure, and Monitor. His responsibility is to ensure development and operations teams are not siloed, teams use tools & practices to automate development processes.

    He takes the ownership, gets development teams to move with speed, increase the pace of releases, reliability and improved collaboration, for all data science and digital transformation projects at Netsity.

    Rajnish holds Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Pune University. (B.E. batch of 1993).