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Blockchain Software Development Company for
Hyperledger, Ethereum, Stellar, Corda, Multichain frameworks

Build innovative solutions driven by Decentralised Ledger Technology and underlying Blockchain frameworks. Manage supply chain and logistics that are traceable and transparent. Support unbanked and underserved communities with innovative fintech solutions, peer-to-peer market places without intermediaries and create big impact. Transact at lightening speeds transcending borders through your own tokens. Bring trust in trustless eco-systems or develop private shared databases in a partial-trust environment.

Our Clients have trusted Netsity for more than 20 years (since 1997) for bringing their innovative ideas into disruptive reality. Netsity is a full stack blockchain devshop, with hundreds of successful case studies across the globe, a hands-on leadership team, and highly committed project teams.

Let’s talk about your new blockchain idea and how Netsity could help you meet your startup goals. Provide your information here to book an appointment with our blockchain experts.

Blockchain Applications and Industry Usecases

know your customer anti money laundering kyc aml for fintech

KYC AML Identity Management For Fintech

KYC, AML, Identity Management, Compliance could be a big hindrance in the growth of Fintech, Digital Payments, Remittances and P2P Lenders. How could governments ensure financial inclusivity of the underbanked, yet build strong compliance mechanisms.

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Blockchain for Developers

Netsity Blockchain Lab

blockchain proof of concept development

Blockchain Proof of

Get your Blockchain Proof of Concept ready for the potential stakeholders and investors.
blockchain product development services

Minimum Viable

Minimum Viable Product Development for your Blockchain ideas, through experienced & committed project teams.
blockchain enterprise application development

Industry Solutions
& Domain Experts

We have industry experts and experienced business analysts for your enterprise blockchain projects.
developing scalable blockchain solutions


Scaling up your blockchain architecture through shared blockchain, 2nd layer storage, side chains and generalized state channel implementations.
developing secure blockchain applications


Security Audits of your Smart Contracts. Identifying behavioural flaws, security flaws and bugs.

& Compliance

Decentralised digital identities of the customers, and their integration with credentialing systems over a blockchain powered network

Why Choose Us

Netsity is one of the top blockchain technology companies with experience of more than 20 years in developing enterprise solutions and helping startups build scalable products. Our full stack blockchain development services comprise of building decentralised technology frameworks, smart contracts, middleware, gateways, front-end, dApps, reporting, analytics, and integration with your existing systems. Our development ops are driven by best practices and time-tested methodologies.

Quality assurance and building secure blockchain application does not happen by chance at Netsity. It’s a result of passionate blockchain development teams, backed by experienced technical architects and seasoned project managers. With hundreds of satisfied clients globally, and an impeccable track record, we ensure we deliver your blockchain projects on-time and on-budget.

hyperledger blockchain application development
corda blockchain development for financial institutions
ethereum blockchain development
stellar blockchain development for payment systems
eos blockchain development
blockchain development for iot devices
multichain blockchain framework and application development
interledger blockchain development
hedera hashgraph blockchain development supporting high throughput applications
NEO blockchain development
decentralized, immutable data storage through bigchaindb
blockchain development using IPFS hypermedia protocol

Blockchain Full Stack Development

hire nodejs web developers
angularjs web development and mobile apps
developing apps through data driven documents D3.js library
apps built on mongodb
hire reactjs programmers for app development
hire solidity programmers for smart contracts development
development through json
app development via rest api
develop apps using meteor javascript framework
truffle framework for blockchain programmers
java development expertise
app development via azure logic apps
devops through jenkins
docker for applications built on container platform and server virtualisation
chai mocha for devops
devops travis ci
unit testing and code audit through junit5
golang app development

CEO & Head of Technology

Avnish Gupta

Avnish is an experienced technical architect, building scalable and secure infrastructure, enabling growth for the Blockchain startups. He co-founded Netsity in 1997 and has helped many startups develop technology frameworks, design and architect technology solutions, manage full stack development teams. His razor sharp focus is on aligning project outcomes with client’s business goals, their funding targets, top line growth and strategic initiatives. Avnish is a Blockchain expert and has successfully executed projects by bringing in his extensive knowledge with blockchain frameworks, consensus mechanisms, and decentralised ledger architecture for both public and private networks. He holds Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Pune University (B.E. batch of 1993).

Avnish Gupta, Co-Founder of Netsity
Geeta Gupta, Co-Founder of Netsity

Head of R&D

Geeta Gupta

Geeta heads the Blockchain innovation division, where she identifies the blockchain frameworks, and maps them to the real world business problems. With a solid understanding of various blockchain technologies and underlying consensus mechanisms, she works closely with the blockchain startups, product companies, blockchain developer communities, and experts. She co-founded Netsity in 1997 and has extensive experience in defining use-cases, helping startups build a solution architecture, and walk through the journey of finding product-market fit. She is very much hands-on with full stack blockchain development and works closely with blockchain programmers at Netsity. Geeta holds Masters of Computer Applications (MCA, 1997) and BSc Computers degree (1994).

Head of Business Development

Rajnish Gupta, CFA

Rajnish has extensive experience of hedge funds industry, lending business, SME credit, supply chain management with bulk buyers of agriculture commodities, microfinance and value chain financing with farmer groups and collectors. He co-founded Netsity in 1997 and has also spent last 10 years helping hedge funds scale up their operations, streamline middle office functions, have robust risk management frameworks, and meet regulatory compliance requirements as per various fund regimes in Europe. Rajnish holds Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA (ICFAI, 1997) and MMS in Finance (1996), alongwith Bachelor of Science degree with major in Computers (1994).

Rajnish Gupta, CFA, Co-Founder of Netsity
Rajnish Paul, Head of Devops at Netsity

Head of Devops

Rajnish Paul

Paul has over 20 years of experience in project management handling major accounts in the financial services sector, telecom, healthcare, high growth startups and product companies in US and UK. He manages Devops at Netsity across the full blockchain application development lifecycle, Code, Build, Test, Package, Release, Configure, and Monitor. His responsibility is to ensure development and operations teams are not siloed, teams use tools & practices to automate development processes. In all Blockchain projects at Netsity, Paul takes the ownership, gets development teams to move with speed, increase the pace of releases, reliability and improved collaboration. He holds Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Pune University. (B.E. batch of 1993)

Head of Compliance

Neeraj Agrawaal, CA

Neeraj is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive Compliance and Regulatory strategy at Netsity. He also works in close coordination with our clients and advises them on legal structures, compliance framework, regulatory reporting, and risk management for new blockchain start-ups. Neeraj is a seasoned Chartered Accountant and he has experience of more than 20 years in advising clients on cross-border taxation issues, structured finance, corporate restructuring, asset financing, equity and debt offerings. He is a subject matter expert on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) matters.

Neeraj Agrawaal, Head of Compliance at Netsity