Private Capital Digital Transformation

Capitalise on intelligent insights and data-driven decisions with simple consolidated investment data

Better Investment Outcomes through Digital Transformation

Dramatically improve investment outcomes and risk management through digital transformation. It’s not just the driver of efficiency, but at the fundamental level its innovation and disruption.

Cohesive Approach

We understand the dynamics of private equity, and the opportunities presented by a cohesive approach. Analyze all the available information, for better decision making, by navigating uncertainty with confidence and generate actionable insights.

Financial Markets Expertise

Financial markets expertise combined with data sciences, cloud computing, statistical learning techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we provide digital transformation solutions for the investment industry. Our clients include institutional investors, hedge funds, corporate ventures, and private equity firms.

Break Free from Disjointed Spreadsheets

Let us simplify the handling of complex information, so that your CIO could break free from the webs of disjointed spreadsheets. Truly harness the power of your data, deriving actionable insights, and make optimal, data-driven decisions.

Secure Data Sharing

We work with you to find ways to add value and use your investment data more effectively. What you need is self-service reporting and analytics tools that can help you in faster time-to-value. It also provides an opportunity to open up the data to all their stakeholders in a secure and permissioned environment.

Enable large data-sets on the cloud

Our products and services are designed to enable large-scale, cloud-based data sets and get insights into what is happening in a portfolio company on a day-to-day basis.
Enhanced Portfolio Management
Enhance your firm’s portfolio management, investor relationships, and returns through digital transformation. Holistically analyze your portfolio exposures, liquidity opportunities, stress test results, and performance analytics.
Competitive Advantage
Data-processing capabilities to give you and your portfolio company a significant advantage over the competition.
Drive Fund Raising
Streamline your data to drive fundraising, reporting, investment insights, compliance, valuation and more.
Faster Due-Diligence
Secure fund raising commitments faster by leveraging your centralized cloud data and respond faster to data requests pertaining to RFIs and Due Diligence Questionnaire.

Data Management Complexities made Simpler

The process of collecting, aggregating, structuring, conditioning, safeguarding and using large amounts of data is complex. We help you with digital transformation & data management capabilities.

Collect and manage data effortlessly with an integrated suite of tools and turn it into actionable insights. Aggregate, consolidate and normalize financial, operational and performance data with full confidence knowing the information is controlled, accurate and complete.

Visualize the data, analyze it. Use customizable and interactive dashboards and share them through web portal or mobile and iPad apps. Through our digital transformation solutions, leverage your data to generate strategic insights, and portfolio performance, the main components being: predictive modeling, text mining & analytics, reporting, data visualisation, dashboarding. Manage complex reporting requirements for LPs and other stakeholders, and demonstrate the investment cases and source of value creation more easily.

Our cloud-native data transmission technology changes the way that investors, creditors and private capital providers manage and transfer data between stakeholders, creating greater transparency, increasing data security and improving data flow.

We provide big data infrastructure and data lakes to leverage and collate all the data and build an analytics platform on top of it to cater to automated investment research, due diligence of target companies, regulatory compliance and reporting.

Digital transformation has important data governance implications. The data cannot be with siloed teams of analysts supporting individual strategies, groups of strategies, or portfolio management teams. We facilitate the flow of information, augmented and stimulated by digital initiatives.

Machine Learning for Private Equity and Hedge Funds
The Real Alpha in your investments is not in the Data, but in the Data Science. We provide the users access to state of the art machine learning techniques specifically designed for private capital providers.
Data driven Investments for Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Improve your deal discovery and sourcing. Identify risks or opportunities early, and generate alpha for your institutional or private clients.

Private equity firms today face increasing pressure from investors, investees, regulators. Core needs are good returns demanded by investors, more information, greater transparency, and improved data granularity. Leveraging digital transformation for business models, adoption of AI, data analytics, blockchain, IoT and social can alleviate this pressure and prove to be a gamechanger.